How to Stretch Out Shoes That Are Too Tight

Mar 6, 2018

Have you ever purchased the most perfect pair of shoes that are your size but just a little bit too tight? This was my scenario when I purchased my first pair of Louboutins. Louboutins are known for running narrow and my feet are kind of wide so I knew I would have to visit this babies in store versus ordering them online.  For such an investment, I wanted to make sure they fit.

The style I purchased are the Jonatina sandals. Turns out, I had to go up a whole size. A size 40 fit me fine but I had some slight tightness around my pinky toe. I considered getting them professionally stretched but I decided to just try my go-to method.

What You'll Need:
  • Your shoes
  • Thick Socks (athletic socks work best)
  • Hair Dryer

  • Put on your socks. I had some thick wool socks on in the photo, gym socks work great as well. If you do not have any thick socks, you can wear 2-3 pairs of regular socks at a time to get the same results.
  • Put your feet inside the shoes.
  • Blast your dryer on high and pass it over your feet while flexing your feet and toes. Keep doing this for about two minutes. Keep moving the dryer back and forth because you could burn yourself if you direct it at one spot for too long.
  • Wait until your shoes and socks cool before removing them. Take the socks off and try slipping into your shoes. It usually works after one go but you can do another round if it feels too tight.
  • As an added bonus, I like to put the socks back on and just wear the shoes around my house for a coupe of hours to really break them in.
This works really great on leather shoes. I have also used this on faux and vegan leather with successful results.I did have to do a couple of rounds on faux leather because it doesn't stretch as easily.

I hope this little fashion hack worked well for you all. Here's to beautiful shoes and happy feet!

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