OOTD: My Eurotrip

Jun 17, 2019

Two weeks ago, I went to Europe for the first time. I went to Barcelona  and Faro, a city in Portugal. I had such a wonderful time. These cities had so much stunning architecture. And do not get me started on the food! The trip started with some glitches. Our flight got delayed due to weather and I ended up missing my connecting flight. The next flight wasn't for another eleven hours, so we had a pretty long layover in Lisbon as a result. So we decided to seize the day and explore Lisbon instead of being shut-in inside an airport. Lisbon is such a beautiful city. I fell in love with the colorful houses and the people are so friendly and charming. We did a "tuk tuk" tour and those narrow streets are no joke!

Because of the layover, we only spent one day in Barcelona instead of two. We ended up doing so much. To maximize for sightseeing, we opted for a bicycle tour. Then, we visited a street fair/carnival we came across. And we finished it all up by  went partying at Pacha. Luckily the nightlife starts pretty late over there.

Keep scrolling for outfit photos and details.

romper: Missguided, sneakers: Adidas, shirt: borrowed from my sister, belt bag; Louis Vuitton Florentine pochette, sunnies: Amazon

dress: FashionNova, shoes: Zara, bag: Gucci

top: borrowed from my sister, jeans: ASOS, sneakers: Adidas, sunnies: Amazon

top: Forever21, shorts: Pretty Little Thing, sandals: Mango

top: Pretty Little Thing, pants: Forver21

Our last destination as Faro, Portugal. We stayed in Albufeira, which is a charming beach town. The views of the beaches and coastlines were breathtaking. I fell in love with Portugal. The people are so friendly and laid back and there was some serious eye candy over there. The food was delicious! I fell in love with "Nato", which is a pastry that is a specialty over there. I am currently searching for Portuguese bakeries so that I can get my fix in NYC.

swimsuit: Missguided

Every time I visit a new destination, I always come back learning something new. Just seeing how laidback the people in Portugal are made me realize that sometimes you just have to take the time to relax and just enjoy the moment. Usually for vacations, I have a bunch of things planned and an itinerary. This time around, a lot of it was spontaneous and it was great to be impulsive. it really worked in our favor.




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