OOTD: Don't Stop Me Now

Oct 12, 2020

Band tees are one of those items that are a wardrobe staple because they really do show an aspect of your personality. I just don't wear tees of bands that I do not listen to. The title of this post is an ode to one of my favorite Queen songs. It's so upbeat and Freddie Mercury really does his thang on it.

Am I the only open that is starting to feel super old seeing the bands that the younger generations are wearing? They are wearing the musicians that I grew up listening to. But, in my head, it does not feel like it was 20+ years ago. I paired my Queen tee with a leather skirt and these awesome pink boots I found on clearance at Topshop. The pink is an ode to Pink Wednesdays since I was brunching with my friends in honor of Mean Girls Day aka October 3rd. The jacket is a cool piece from my friend's line 6Henshaw. It is actually a men's jacket but I loved the pattern. It was too good to pass up. 

Queen band tee
skirt: Boohoo
boots: TopShop
jacket: 6Henshaw
bag: Stella McCartney

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