Cheap & Easy Boob Hacks

Mar 23, 2018

This is another post dedicated to a fashion hack. Taping up your boobs is something that is done throughout Hollywood. Kim Kardashian has shared a picture on her Instagram demonstrating her method in lifting her breasts in low cut clothing. This method is incredibly useful if your boobs hang a little low or if you simply want to give them a little boost. I'm a little self-conscious about mine so I was really happy when I discovered this hack.

A lot of people use duct tape but I honestly find that a little too sticky, which can make the removing process a little painful. I have found that athletic tape works really well and it is a lot easier to remove. For reference, I am a full B/small C. Fuller bust Mamis might have to use a little more tape but it will be just as effective. As a precaution, you might want to cover your nipples with some cotton pads or use nipple covers before placing tape over them. Otherwise, you might be in for a lot of pain. You also want to make sure that your skin is free of any oils and lotions. Otherwise the tape will not stick as well and might come out really wrinkly.

In the video below, I show two different ways in you can tape your breasts up to achieve a fuller and perkier bust. I hope you find the video useful and don't forget to pass it along to a friend in need :).

Thanks for watching!


  1. Why the last minute of the Youtube clip just black?
    Also say you go hitch up with a man and go somewhere to have sex, what can you use in his bathroom or hotel bathroom can you use to rmove the tape?

  2. I will check the last minute. And olive oil or any other ouk will safely move the tape without hurting yourself. So keep a travel bottle stashed, maybe? Lol

  3. Some men I work with could benefit from these techniques ;)


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