Mini DR/Beauty Hauls

Dec 27, 2009

I got some cool stuff from the Dominican republic as well as some beauty essentials once i got back to NYC.

The first on the left are some chocolates that are filled with tequila, the middle is the offcial rum of the DR; Brugal. I love it, it's one of the few strong liquors I'll drink. The last is a doll called "Muneca sin Rostro" or "Doll without a face". The reason why they have no faces is because Dominicans have no defined race since we are so intermixed.

This is a hand-painted shot glass. "Santo Domingo" is the capital of the Dominican Republic.

Just some tuff I picked up from the drugstore and beauty supply: a neutral NYX palette, ELF powder puffs, epsom salts (for soaking my feet for DIY pedicures), emery block, NYC transluscent pressed powder (I had the loose powder and I liked it but the mess was unbelievable!)

The shadows in the NYX palette were neautral, matte browns. The colors are pretty pigmented and the shadows are really smooth. I'll be using it for highlighting and contouring.

I also picked up some baby lotion for my son because I was all out and I also bought this cute little pedicure set. It costs 5 bucks and it comes with salts for soaking, foot cream, foot scrub, foot spray and a cute little brush. I tried it out and I liked it. The smell was a little strong but then it fades and it becomes more pleasant.
I also bought these nail polishes. the first two are by Revlon: Midnight Navy and Silver Lining (they were buy one, get one free). The third is by Wet & Wild and it's basically pink glitter. I plan to post a NOTD with this nail polish.
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