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Dec 26, 2009

Eyebrows are sometimes neglected in beauty routines but having nicely groomed brows can add more glamour and elegance to your overall look. They can easily add or damage your features so it's important to have them maintained. I have some easy-to-follow tips for eyebrow maintanence and upkeep.


I would advise going to a professional to get them shaped for the first time since it can be very easy to mess up when doing it yourself. But if you choose to DIY, I would say to watch a video on youtube so you can see exactly what that person is doing.

Eyebrow Maintanence

I like to get my eyebrows threaded 1-2 times a month and I tweeze them every week to clean up any stray hairs. I also sometimes wax them if i'm in a hurry since threading takes a little longer. I have semi-thick brows so I like to use a clear brow gel (ELF Duo Clear Mascara & Brow Gel $1) on my brows so they can stay neat throughout the day.

When I go out I like to use the Wet & Wild Brow Kit (about $3.99 in drugstores) to fill in my brows so my overall look can be more polished. This kit is awesome, it comes with two shades of brown eyebrow powder, a slanted brush and a wax. It's especially good When filling in your brows, use 2-3 shades darker if you have blonde to light brown hair and 2-3 shades lighter for medium to dark brown hair. Same thing goes for when you dye your hair. NEVER match your eyebrows to your hair color, it won't look natural.

Wet & Wild Eyebrow Kit
Tools to Have

tweezers- I love love love the tweezers by Tweezerman. they are very good quality and they come with a lifetime guarantee. They cost between 12-15 dollars.

brow gel- I like to keep some in my makeup bag for touch-ups throughout the day. You can also use clear mascara.

brow scissors- to cut any long or out of place hairs.

brow pencil or powder- I prefer the powder. Eventhough it takes longer, I feel that the pencil goes on too heavy on me.

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