I'm Baa-aack

Dec 23, 2009

I got back from the Dominican Republic last week. I had fun and I wish I could've stayed for the holidays but I have an appointment coming up that I can't miss. Anyway, I have a mini haul but my sister has my memory card with the pics..grrr. I have lots of things to post so stay tuned. Some pictures from my vacay:

My mom and me at a restaurant/bar called La Jungla (the jungle) in Santiago. I'm standing on some steps, that's why I look mega tall but my mom's pretty short anyway (she's 5'2).

My mom's house in the Dominican Republic.

Dominican currency, isn't it pretty?

At a river called Fula. Check out my mom washing her hair lol. The water is sooo clean.

Saw this rainbow outside my window and since they're very rare in NYC, I took a pic.
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