Beauty Trend: Ombré Lips

May 28, 2012

Let's face it, ombré is a trend that's making a BIG splash. We've seen start with ombré hair and now we're starting to see it in clothing as well. Ombré is now making it's way towards makeup. One trend I am liking is ombré lips. There's different ways that the look is being worn:

The third image is so pretty but it is something that I won't wear outside. The one that you can get away with wearing the most is where your lip color is darker on the edges and it gets lighter as it reaches the middle. This is the look that I tried on myself.

All you need is a dark lipstick and a lighter lipstick or a concealer. I used CoverGirl lipstick in "Divine" (a magenta color) and Physicians Formula Concealer Twins Correct and Cover cream concealer (the "light" shade). First you apply the dark color all over your lips, then you apply the lighter color to your pout and then you blend it out. Be sure sure to keep the edges of your lips darker. I retouched mine with the darker color to make them stand out more.

 you can add a clear gloss on top to switch it up a bit and give it a more edgy look. I used Flirt! Squeeze Me lipgloss in "Moonlight Spice"

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