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May 20, 2012

Macy's has a new campaign named "Brasil" featuring limited edition collections from several designers as well as makeup brands. This campaign is enriched with bright colors, and lots of sensual styles. Macy's in Herald Square collaborated with  Cosmo For Latinas for promotion of this collection and they invited several fashion and beauty bloggers for a sneak peek at some of the items. I was so excited to attend. I'm so glad that Latin culture is getting more known in the fashion and beauty world.

If you haven't picked up the Cosmo For Latinas Premiere issue, be sure to! Zoe Saldana is on the cover, a Dominicana! I enjoyed the issue a lot. It's nice to see things like bachata being mentioned in a mainstream magazine. I also loved the use of "Spanglish". Mixing Spanish phrases when I'm speaking English is something I do on a daily basis haha.

 Cosmo For Latinas editor-in-chief Michelle Mulligan
 Shiseido display: we all got matched with our shade and all got to keep a compact, yay!


  1. That is so dope that you got to attend that! I think the beauty industry definitely needs to show Latina's more love and I'm glad to see it happening.

  2. Oohh this looks like a fun event!
    I loved Cosmo For Latinas.. can't wait for the next one! =)


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