Tutorial: Newspaper Print Nails (UPDATED)

May 16, 2012

So I was browsing through Glamour magazine's June issue and I see them mention a nail kit from Sephora that will give you nespaper nail art for your nails. Then I saw the price advertised as sixteen dollars! Which is crazy since I have done newspaper print nails on myself for free practically.

I did this post last Summer and decided to give it an update. It's incredibly easy to do!

What You'll Need:

  • vodka (You can also use rubbing alchohol)
  • base coat
  • nail color of your choice: I used L'oreal "Walk On The Beach" 
  • top Coat 
  • strips of newspaper (I only cut up two because I only did two accent fingers but you'll need one for each finger)
  • something to dip your finger in (I used a shot glass)

1. Paint nails in the color of your choice and let them dry completely.

2. Pour vodka in shot glass (enough to cover whole nail) and dip your finger in it.

3. Place a strip of newspaper big enough to cover the nail on the nail and press it for 30 seconds 

(do not move the newspaper strip).

4. Remove strip and seal with a top coat and Voila! Fab nails and you just saved yourself $16.00. Thank me later :P.

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  1. This is an awesome tutorial! I always wondered how I could do that. Thank you!


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