Tutorial: Nude and Neon Half-Moon Manicure

Jun 3, 2012

Neon is a trend that is very big for the Spring and Summer for 2012. A great way to wear neon is to pair it with nude or neutral clothing. I decided to apply this to my nails. I've been wanting to do a half-moon design on my nails and by pairing a neon color with a nude, it would make the design stand out a lot.

What I used:

OPI Ridge Filler base coat, OPI "Did You Ear About Van Gogh", LA Girls Disco Brites "Disco Diva", Seche Vite top coat and reinforcements for looseleaf paper

The Process:
After applying my base coat, I applied "Disco Diva" (plus: this nail polish glows under a blacklight!) to my nails. Then I waited until my nails were COMPLETELY dry then I applied the reinforcements to my nails.

I painted "Did you hear about Van Gogh over the reinforcements and waited until the color was partially dry before carefully removing them. Then I applied my top coat and finito!


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