My Trip to The Zoo w/ Jeremy

Jun 15, 2010

Nothing fashion or beauty related in this post, just wanted to share a few of the pictures of Jeremy's first trip to the zoo. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I was tweeting a lot about it on Saturday and twitpicing away about our trip. We both had lots of fun, he loved the squirrel monkeys the best, since they were the ones that were most active lol.

(click on images to enalrge)

I love giraffes, they're my favorite animals.

This little fellow was so cute & friendly, he's a Golden-Lion Tamarin. They're endangered but thanks to the zoo, they're reproducing and have a good chance of being returned to the wild.

Cute little Antelope babies.

Squirrel monkeys, Jeremy's favorite!


The evil goat. He was only nice to me when i had pellets in my hand. I tried petting him to show Jeremy that goats are harmless and he headbutted my hand.

Jeremy & me at the end of the day.

Hope you enjoyed!
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