My First Blog Award :)

Jun 23, 2010

The lovely Jess (check out her great blog!) has awarded me this blog award. I was so psyched to receive it, I am so glad that people are enjoying my blog. I appreciate this SO MUCH. Thank you so much Jess :).  So she has awarded me with the Heart & Soul Blog Award:

The Heart and Soul award is given to bloggers who allways take the time to sit and relate with their readers. Whether it be with the simplest walk down the street to something that my have triggered an emotion to inspire you to write the amazing entries that you do. Not all bloggers are able to capture the attention and hearts of readers. Bearing and exposing your HEART & SOUL in your blogposts, I present this gift to you.

So Here Are The Rules For Awarding:
1. Award 10 bloggers.

2. Thank the person that tagged you in a New Blog Entry.

So Thank You Again Jess!
And these are the 10 bloggers I want to award:
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