NOTD: With Love, XOXO (Tutorial)

Feb 10, 2016

Hey all! Valentine's Day is right around the corner and I have been inspired to post some nail art. I like the whole "love letter" vibe you get from this nail design. I used newspaper to create the background text. then, a combination of nail stamping and freehand design completed the design. Keep reading for instructions on this look.

Items Needed:

  • White, black and red nail polishes
  • Rubbing Alcohol (you can also use vodka or any clear liquor)
  • Newspaper cut up in small strips
  • Nail art stamper or your favorite nail art tools


1. After applying your favorite base coat to nails, paint your nails a white color. You can use ohter light neutrals, but I feel results look best with white. I used Sinful Shine  nail polish in the color "Wisp". It is favorite white nail polish and it's only $1.99 at the drugstore!

2. Fill a shot glass with rubbing alcohol and dip your finger in it. 

3. Take a strip of newspaper and place it over your nail. Use your finger to apply a little pressure and leave it for a few seconds. Repeat process for all nails.

4. I used a nail art stamper ( available here on Amazon) to create the kisses design. You can also freehand the design yourself if you wish. Using a nail art brush, I drew the XOXO designs. I finished everything off with a clear top coat.

Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day with your fab nails!

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