Review: Madam Glam Nail Polishes

Jan 14, 2016

Madam Glam polishes "Minty Canvas" and "Cashmere"

I was contacted by Mihaela from Madam Glam to review their nail polishes. I have never heard of Madam Glam before and I was excited to try out the polishes. They have polishes in so many different colors, including textures like glitters that it was hard to choose just two. I went for two very light colors that I felt aren't that easy to find in mainstream brands.

The nail polishes are packaged in slim and sleek-looking bottles with the Madam Glam logo. The colors I chose to review were "Cashmere" and "Minty Canvas". 

Cashmere is a very light blue. I think this is such a pretty winter color. Also, The blue-gray is a unique color. Minty Canvas is a light mint color. Both of the polishes were true to the photos displayed on the website.

Madam Glam "Cashmere"
Madam Glam "Minty Canvas"

The formula for these polishes are very opaque and thick. They are a little thicker than OPI formulas. You get very good coverage with one coat. Cashmere applies a little patchier than Minty Canvas. You can get away with one coat when wearing Minty Canvas. Cashmere needs two. I took Cashmere with me to the nail salon when I went to get a manicure and loved the results. It was a little tricky for me to work on my shorter nails. 

Madam Glam polishes are vegan and cruelty-free. They retail at $10.95 and can be bought from the Madam Glam website. Besides traditional nail polishes, Madam Glam has gel polishes and fun textures such as glitters.

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