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Apr 27, 2014

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my DIY version

Clear accessories are all the rage this season. While shopping around for a clear clutch, I couldn't find one that I quite liked. That and I found them to be ridiculously overpriced. So I decided to make my own! I love DIYing and this was fun to make and it wasn't difficult at all. I was able to get all my materials at NYCs Garment District. You can easily get these items at craft stores and online as well.

What You'll Need:
  • Multi-hole punch
  • Studs with screw backing
  • Clear vinyl (the one I used was about 2 mm thick)
  • Purse closure
  • Paper to trace your pattern
  • Scissors
  • Pencils
  • Marker 
  • 1 yard of chain
  • jump rings
1. Trace your pattern on paper. I used this this pattern from Styleholic and I modified it a little. The measurements are written on the paper in case you prefer my pattern as well.

2. Cut your pattern out and tape it to the vinyl and cut it out carefully.

3. Fold the sides up to create the shape. I also folded in the edges to make it sturdier and it just looked neater to me. I made marks every inch and I used the multi-hole punch to make holes. That's where the studs are going to be applied. I suggest making a few practice holes to make sure that they are the correct size.

4. Screw in the studs securely. 

5. The closure was a little tricky because it requires some precision. I first marked where I wanted the closure to be on the clutch. And the closure comes with prongs so I marked where those go as well. I made tiny holes with scissors to make inserting the prongs easier. Be very careful, so you don't make any holes in the back of the clutch.

6. I marked and cut out where the top part of the closure was going to go and screwed it in, using the screws that they came with. There's lots of different closures available. I chose this one because it's more secure and I liked how it looked.

And your clutch is done! You can add a chain to your purse if you'd like. I made two holes along the sides with my hole punch and I attached a chain using jump rings. I feel like it added a little something to it.

Buy a cute little pouch to keep your personals in, I got mine at H&M for under five bucks! Clear clutches go great with bright colors, making it a great staple for the Spring and Summer.


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