A Guide To Gym Clothes

May 3, 2019

It took me a while to buy decent clothes for the gym. My gym uniform consisted of cheap leggings, a big tee and whatever sneakers I had laying around. A lot of it had to do with being self-conscious, and also my old gym had creepos who loved to offer unsolicited advice. Wearing baggy clothes didn't stop them, so I figured that I shouldn't have to dim my light for these guys. I should be able to feel good while I'm working out.

My favorite sneakers to wear are my Adidas Arkyn. They are comfortable for running and offer decent ankle support. I used to love wearing Nike Roshes but they lacked support in the ankle area and running would become uncomfortable for me after a while. Sneakers are one thing I'm glad to invest in because they make all the difference.

I never realized that a good legging can make a difference until I bought a pair. Adidas leggings are my absolute favorite. They are affordable (and they go on sale often) and they are always collaborating with different people for fun prints and designs. They also stay in place when working out. Forever21 makes some really good ones too, especially for their price point. My favorite styles are the high waisted ones that hold everything in.

Champion sports bras are super comfortable, and offer great support. Besides sneakers, a good sports bra is important to invest in. Target has the C9 line with Champion that offers affordable workout gear. Having great support is really important to me while I do cardio, makes running a lot more bearable.

Accessories thatI wearoften are my trusty headband and workout gloves. I finally got a pair because the weights were giving me calluses. C9 by Champion makes cute ones, also Amazon has a bunch in different price ranges.

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