Pantene Ultimate 10 BB Creme Review

Jun 22, 2013

Unless you live under a rock, you must have heard about BB cremes and what they can do for your skin. BB Cremes are taking the beauty industry by storm and now there's BB cremes for hair as well! They are similar in concept to the skin ones, they repair your hair and help maintain it at the same time. I have seen hair BB cremes at Sephora and now they have managed to trickle down to the drugstores. I was given the chance to review one by Pantene.

Product Description: Inspired by skincare's BB phenomenon, this leave-in formula gives hair a healthy look while preparing it for enhanced styling control and a silky, smooth finish.

Pantene’s first BB Crème for hair, Ultimate 10 BB Crème is a revolutionary multi-tasker to be used on wet or dry hair—for a flawless, healthy-looking finish. Dare to get 10 solutions in 1 easy step.• Repair for Rough Hair• Strength Against Damage• Silky Softness• Brilliant Shine• Smoothing• Moisture• Frizz Control • Heat Protection• Manageability • Tamed Flyaways

I used the product two ways: on my hair when it was wet for styling preparation and on dry hair to smooth my hair style. When I do my own hair, I start off with a roller set. So I applied some to my hair while it was wet then proceeded to to put it in rollers. It did feel a little sticky while I was doing my roller set so I was scared that my hair was going to be all greasy. After removing the rollers, I flat ironed my roots and I did notice that my hair was a little easier to flat iron and that my roots weren't as curly. I feel that the BB Creme did nothing to prevent frizz because my hair did get frizzy. Then again, it was very hot and humid out that day. But when I applied some to my dry hair to retouch it, it did calm down a large amount of the frizz so I would definitely recommend this for taming frizz.

my hair after using Pantene Ultimate 10 BB Creme
I like using the product better on my hair when it's dry because I feel like that it works better on smoothing out my hairstyle. When I curled my hair, the style held very well and I didn't have to use so much hairspray. It kept my hair looking great on the several occasions that I used it.

my hair after using Pantene Ultimate 10 BB Creme
my hair after using Pantene Ultimate 10 BB Creme

I also took it with me to the salon for my usual blowout. I used it on my wet hair only this time. Again, after my hair was removed from the rollers, I did see that it was smoother  and that my hair was easier to blow dry. It cut down the time of my blowout by about 25% which is pretty good.

I didn't feel that this product did any repair on damage but my hair is healthy overall so I can't really judge it on that but it did do a large amount of the things that it claims to do. I would recommend this product especially if you style your hair often and you want something to make the styling process easier and less time-consuming. And it does do a great job in smoothing down your hair and taming the flyaways. It retails for $5.29 so you can't beat the price!

Pros: affordable, works on ethnic hair, cuts back on styling time, helps make hair more manageable, adds shine, tames frizz and flyaways
Cons: doesn't prevent frizz, sticky texture
Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Disclaimer: This post contains items that have been sent to me for review.

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