DIY: Bleached Tie-Dye Jeans & OOTD

Jun 16, 2013

style inspiration: Isabel Marant bleached jeans
my DIY version
This DIY is so easy that it's not even funny. And it is a great way to recycle a pair of jeans that you don't wear anymore. It's good to use a dark pair so that there will be more of a contrast with the design but you can use a lighter pair if you want a more subtle pattern. I used a cheap pair of F21 jeans that I had. 

What You'll Need:
-Dark pair of jeans
-Bleach (the concentrated formula is better because it will bleach faster)
-Rubber gloves
-Rubber bands (thick ones)

1. Wrap the rubber bands around sections of your jeans. The more rubber bands you tie around, the smaller the white sections on your jeans will be. There is no right way to do it! I wanted the top of my jeans to have a design as well so I tied rubber bands there as well.
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2. Fill a bucket with 3 parts cold water and 1 part bleach, enough to fully cover the jeans. Be sure to do this a well-ventilated room.
3. Soak the jeans in cold water first and then submerge them in the bucket. Leave them for about 2-3 hours, depending on how light you want the bleached part to be. After 2 hours, They still weren't as light as I wanted them to be so I dipped the bottom for a while longer.

4. Untie the rubber bands and wash them in the washing machine in cold water without any detergent. I had to wash them a couple of times to get the bleach smell out.

I love, love, love how they came out! I kept getting compliments when I wore them out and they looked awesome with my leather jacket.


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