Glow Baby Glow: My Favorite Highlighters

Jul 9, 2013

clockwise from top: Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzing Face Illuminator, Loreal True Match Liquid Bronzer, Benefit Watts Up! highlighter, Urban Decay Eyeshadow "Vanilla", MAC Extra Dimension Skin Finish "Double Definition"

It's the summa-summatime! Which calls for tan and glowing skin a la Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lopez is truly my inspiration when I do "glowing skin" because she is the queen of it. I have compiled a list of my favorite highlighters to use when I want to be a glowing, bronzed goddess. They are all at different price points and come in different finishes as well.

1. Maybelline Dream Sun Baronzing Face Illuminator $6.99: This was part of the Maybelline Summer collection and it is limited edition unfortunately. You still might be able to find it at some drugstores, however. I love using this on my cheeks and for mixing it in with my foundation for an all-over glow.
2. Loreal True Match Liquid Bronzer "Medium Bronze" $7-8.00- I love, love, love mixing this with my foundation! It gives you the most beautiful and subtle golden sheen. This can be used for everyday because it's not too over the top, even with a tinted moisturizer. 
3. Benefit Watts Up! Highlighter: I received this sample size as a Beauty Insider birthday gift from Sephora. I'm planning to buy a full-size as soon as I finish this one. I like this as a base highlighter, it is not too glittery and doesn't give a too-shiny appearance to the face.
4. Urban Decay eyeshadow "Vanilla" $18.00- Yes this is an eyeshadow, but it doubles as an amazing powder highlight. I like to use this over a cream highlighter to set it but it works very well on it's own as well. It has great pigmentation and it is similar to NARS "Albatross" highlighter. Plus it's $20 cheaper!
5. MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish "Double Definition" (limited edition)- This has really unique texture, liquidy smooth if it even makes sense. But it is gorgeous on tan skin, and does not look powdery at all. Use each shade individually or swirl them together for more depth.
6. Hard Candy Glow all the Way "Tropical Tan": This is a liquid bronzer and also works as a self tanner. I never use this by itself because this stuff is super potent as you can see in the swatch photo. I like to mix it with my foundation and a little goes a long way.


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