DIY Mermaid Halloween Costume

Oct 30, 2012

 Happy Halloween guys! Last Saturday, there was a Halloween party at my job which I decided to attend dressed as a mermaid. All the store-bought mermaid costumes were super cheesy-looking so I decided to make my own. A mermaid isn't relatively difficult to do.

I can't sew (but I have been wanting to learn for quite a while) so my best friend made me a simple long tube skirt out of stretchy fabric that I bought. I also bought a yard each of sea green and light blue organza fabric  and I cut them into a rounded rectangle shape. I glued those shapes to the bottom of my skirt to make look like a fishtail. I decided to wear leggings underneath so I can walk and move freely if I felt too restricted in the skirt. And also because it gets chilly at night!

For the bra, I just used a cheap sea-blue bra and glued netting over it to give it the illusion of fish scales. I then glued sequins and small pearls over it. I used netting on my face as well to create a stencil and applied eye shadow over it for the scales on my face. I then glued random sequins using eyelash glue. I accessorized with a pearl bracelet and earrings and I became a mermaid for the night!

 with my sister who dressed up as Poison Ivy, I did her makeup as well.

booty-to-booty with the lovely Kim Kardashian

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