Style Spotlight: Selena Quintanilla Perez

Mar 31, 2012

I've been wanting to do a style spotlight post on Selena for so long and today is the perfect day for it since it is the 17th anniversary of her death. I have  been a fan ever since I was a little girl. And the fact that we share the same zodiac sign (Aries) makes so much sense because I too have a fondness for extravagance. I love having bold colors or embellishments (mainly shoes) as accents for an outfit.

Till this day, I admire Selena's amazing style and how she was ahead of her time with her sense of style. She also wasn't afraid to show off that incredible figure. Those skin-tight pants are iconic! So here's to you Selena, for continuing to inspire me and many other girls and women around the world.

My favorite Selena looks:

from the "No Me Queda Mas" video. She looked so beautiful and elegant.

 the infamous purple jumpsuit from her last concert

A still from the"Amor Prohido" video. In this video,  wore her husband's shirt. This look was so simple and timeless. You can still be able to wear this today.

 LOVE the dress and the big bun!
I love these outfit, the bustier with the skin tight pants. Takes serious confidence to pull this off.

 the pleated maxi skirt is a big trend for Spring 2012. She was very fashion-forward for pairing it with a cropped top.
 I love that Selena was so sexy in a tasteful way. She showed skin but didn't go over the top. She didn't have to be half naked for the attention. Instead she drew attention to her herself with blinged out clothing, bold shoulders and big hair. So here's to you Selena for paving a way for female celebrities today when it came to fashion. May you rest in peace.

Here are some Selena videos:


  1. Hey Girlie! I just nominated you for an award!
    I placed a link on my blog to your page.

  2. selena was a good rollmodal for yong girls

  3. love it ! i wish they made clothing for her :(


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