Buyers Beware of Luna Boston

Aug 10, 2011

Luna Boston ( is a site that sells handbags from designers such as Rebecca Minkoff and House of Harlow. So this is my experience dealing with them:

I ordered the Gypsy Crossbody Clutch by Rebecca Minkoff. I received it within 2 days and was dissatisfied because the color and texture of the bag wasn't true to its description. I went to the site to process the return and they send you a printing label but that label didn't show on my screen so I called and the customer service rep said to bring the bag in person to their offices in New York.

I did so the next day which was on July 7th. It states on their site to wait 7-10 business days for a refund. It has been a month already! I've called twice and they always they say they are going to give me my refund and have yet to do so. I've even written them a stern email and still nothing. So I have resorted to writing a blog post.

It is incredibly irresponsible of them to no give me my refund and I am very dissatisfied with their poor way of handling things. So I warn all my readers to think twice before purchasing anything from this site.

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  1. Let them know that you are going to report them to the Better Business Beareau and that you're also going to report them to - Let them know you feel like you have been scammed, and they essentially stole your money since they've had their merchandise for a very long time.

    Once a company feels like their credibility is on the line, they usually do something about it.


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