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Mar 6, 2011

I decided to do an extra post on a cute, easy hairdo for one of those blah days. It is practically effortless and it's a quirky way to add some personality to a plain hairstyle.

Celeb Inspiration: Rihanna

 The "Hav" Version
 paisley print scarf (used as hair tie)-Forever21

  For my version, I just teased my hair a bit at the crow and did a ponytail. Then, I just pulled the ponytail into a messy bun. To create the bow, I just used a thin scarf that I have and tied it into a bow on the side. So easy and it's a great use for all these scarves that I have and never use! The more colorful the print, the better. they also have bows that are pre-made also which are easy to find, Forever21 always has.

The makeup look I'm wearing here is my casual, everyday look for Spring. I will be posting a tutorial soon.

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