OOTD: La Veuve Noire

Mar 29, 2011

Forever 21 blazer
Unknown brand sheer lace top
H&M skirt
Jeffrey Campbell booties

This is an outfit that I wore for a night out with the girls. People kept asking me about where I got my shirt so why not just do an OOTD?

 Believe or not, I only paid NINE dollars for my top! And it's by pure chance that I found it too. There's a store named "Pretty Girl" on the corner of the bus stop that I get on to take the bus home. It's one of those stores that sells inexpensive stuff and whatnot. Usually nothing really catches my eye until that day. I saw the shirt on a mannequin and thought it was so pretty so I got one in black and one in nude. So I got two of them for less than twenty dollars, go me! I just love when I find cool stuff in random places!

Unfortuantely, I don't remember the brand because I cut the tag off since it looked pretty unsightly because the shirt is so sheer. But there are a whole bunch of "Pretty Girls" around NYC so there's a chance that you can find one if you're in the NYC area.

without the blazer. the top is sheer, lace and long sleeved.

that beer was already there when I got there ;)

my badass Tick wedges
My black Tick wedges were perfect for this outfit. They are amazingly comfortable, just a little on the heavy side but this was my second time wearing them so I was more used to it.

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