My Birthday Wishlist

Mar 9, 2011

There's three more weeks until my birthday (soon I'll be 23, eek!) so I would like to share my birthday wish list. There's not so much that I want this year, I'm mostly doing this list because it's fun. That's why you might see random  items on it as well.

Caravelle by Bulova Watch
 Lola by Marc Jacobs perfume
 Gift Cards to Cold Stone Creamery, Barnes & Noble and Dunkin Donuts

And last but not least, the greatest collaboration of all time...Ice Cream Cake!


  1. That watch is nice, hope you get it. Icecream cake never fails.

  2. @Rai, it smells soo good! @HNB thanks and ice cream cake is the best!

  3. You love your gift cards lol! Natalia also wants a gold watch for her birthday.


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