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Sep 11, 2010

blazer: F21; tank: H&M; liquid leggings: Members Only; shoes: Charlotte Russe; purse: thrifted

Yesterday I went to Fashion's Night Out in NYC and it I had a good time. It was pretty crowded around the city due to the different events but it was bearable. My favorite area was SoHo because it was there that I saw a lot of great fashion and fierceness. I also got to ride the Payless party bus and it was soo much fun! I didn't get to see a lot of celebs (I saw Pharell of The Neptunes from very far) but I got to meet YouTube gurus fafinettex3 and julieg713, and they were so nice. I was loving the vibe yesterday and not to mention all the freebies I got.

Payless party bus, this lady was so cute and hype lol

my adoring fans greeting me..well maybe not me

me in Herald Square

Neil Patrick Harris

photo op w/ fafinettex3
free Moet @ Sephora!

w/  Kathy, Evelyn (evbaez.blogspot.com) , julieg713 and a guy who had on wonderful makeup

I was so flattered because at every Sephora I went to, everyone kept complimenting my lipstick. The guy in the last pic was shocked when he found out that it was Revlon!

Did any of you attend Fashion's Night Out? Feel free to talk about it in the comments.


  1. yes i attended i went to herald square in the hopes to see jlo but you had to actually buy a perfume set in order to see her so i saw kimora lee simmons instead and she is FABULOUS! i went to sephora but by the time i got there all the youtube gurus had left

  2. love the outfit!!
    yes that lipstick is gorgeous on you
    and that guys makeup is looking niiice lol

  3. A guy who had wonderful makeup? He is a very popular youtube guru love him. You look fab

  4. @HellNotes- Yes Ilove it! It's called Berry Haute by Revlon (the creme lipsticks)

    @Confessions- Yeah I was disappointed about J.lo also :(

    @Julisa- Thank you! And yes his makeup looked even better in person because it was all pretty and glittery. I was soo jealous!

    @Andrea: I didn't know he was but I would love to see his channel!

  5. OKAY so you HAVE to share with us what color that is (lipstick) I love it!


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