YRB Party

Sep 15, 2010

So I got invited to this party via Twitter by @Edwardnet (follow him!). It was a party for the September issue of YRB magazine and Kelly Rowland was on the cover. I was kind of disappointed because I was going to interview her but the request didn't go through in time so i didn't get to meet her. But I did get to meet Mr. Jay and Miss J from America's Next Top Model. I only got a picture with Mr. jay because some guy was all up on Miss J. And the guy looked kind of crazy, like he drank 5 cups of coffee so I figured it was best to steer clear.

The venue was pretty cool. It was at Carnival, above Bowlmor Lanes. it had a cool, kooky carnival/circus theme. Along w/ my invite, I got several tickets that I used to play games that they had. they had games like the ring toss and stuff. I ended up winning a leopard print cowboy hat. Go Me!

The September cover of YRB.

w/ Jay Manuel aka Mr. Jay

This lady on stilts was dancing and all that! She has amazing balance!

Showing off my makeup, I went for a blue eye w/ neautral/nude lips

My outfit..I went w/ basic black and accesorized with these fab silver heels. If you want a closer look, I have a picture of them here.


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