Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Salon Perfect Prize

Two weeks ago on Twitter, I won the Salon Perfect giveaway. I was mega hyped because it was my first time winning anything cool. Anyway, I received these lashes on Monday, which was pretty fast. I thought they would take longer. Anyway I received a whole bunch of lashes! I received duplicates of the Starter Kit so I decided to include one in my giveaway, which you can enter HERE.

What I received (click on images to enlarge)

6 pairs of lashes and 2 starter kits!

closeup of the starter kit included in my giveaway prize.
P.S: how cool are my pajama pants?

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  1. your lucky!! and ur pj pants are awesome :)

  2. Oh super cute, girl! love the PJ pants! haha :)

  3. Eyelashes are so much fun arnt they !!

  4. Thnks and yes, lashes are fun!


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