OOTD: Give It Some Pink

May 23, 2010

I wore this to the same party I mentioned in my FOTD: Smoke and Mirrors post. The dress was a little big on me so I gathered it a little and I cinched a skinny black belt around my waist. I wore fuschia pumps to give it a little color. I'm not a big pink person like that but I do like bright pink and I found these shoes to be so cute. These heels were six inches and I'm 5'8 so I was like 6'1 last night, super tall lol. it's fun being so high up, but on the other hand it can be a pain when I want to dance at a party since I'm taller than eighty percent of the guys there lol.

It was hot which explains the messy, frizzy hair.

(click on images to enlarge)

black & white striped dress & black patent leather skinny belt- H&M
boyfriend blazer-F21
fuschia suede pumps- unknown brand, bought them in a store Uptown lol
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  1. You looked great and your makeup was very nice. My mom is really tall and that was her biggest complaint, short guys and flats.

  2. you look gorgeous
    super cute outfit!
    6 inches?? oh my lol
    i would never make it in those

  3. @hell notes for beauty: thnks I can definitely relate to your mom lol look @ the guys behind me, they're up to my chin. @Julisa: thnk you, yes I barely made it, by the end of the night I was wobbling lol.

  4. Ahhhh super cute! I love love love your outfit here.

    P.S. The new blog layout looks awesome girl!

  5. hey hun, im having a makeup sale on my blog so please feel free to check it out! =D


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