Revlon Photo Ready Foundation Review- UPDATED

May 6, 2010

I really wanted to like this product. I really did. I'm already a big fan of the Revlon Colorstay Foundation, so I was psyched to try this out. So I was kind of disappointed when it didn't live up to the hype. I bought it in the shade Rich Ginger (my shade in the Colorstay formula), and it was way too light. I also noticed that it had a white cast, which made my face look chalky and ashen.

The formula was easy to blend with but I wouldn't recommend this product to women of color for the fact that there's not a lot of variety in the shades and it lacks warm tones. It also seems to contradict itself because I think it looks better in person than it does photographed.

I have photos with me wearing both formulas, excuse the hair and pjs in the 2nd photo, I was getting ready to go out lol.

(click on images to enlarge)

 wearing Revlon Colorstay in Rich Ginger (with flash).. EEK.
this is another taken while I was out, my face doesn't have the creepy white cast here.

Pros: nice consistency, easy to blend, good coverage, didn't feel heavy, comes w/ a pump
Cons: has a white cast, comes in few shades, colors in shades not consistent with the Colorstay formula.
Overall Rating: 3/5
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  1. I took Rich Ginger right back because Caramel(so i got rich ginger instead) wasn't in stock & I opted to get ColorStay instead. So I'm sure you're Camamel too.

    But the white cast is due to the SPF included in the foundation.

  2. I liked photoready but my face started getting itchy throughout the day. Also I got horrible breakouts so I guess i'm sensitive to foundation. Did you notice the shimmers? I noticed them and it was too sparkly for the daytime I thought.

  3. @ Rai: yeah I probably am Caramel in PhotoReady but I'm going to stick to Colorstay.
    @HNB: yes I noticed the shimmers, it gave the skin a nice glow but in pictures it doesn't look so great.


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