Colourpop "My Little Pony": Swatches and First Impressions

Oct 27, 2017

Colourpop took it wayyyyy back with their My Little Pony collection. I knew I had to have it as I used to love My Little Pony as a little girl. Nostalgia is a great marketing ploy. 

The packaging was too cute! I'm going to be the crazy hoarder that I am and keep it because I love it. I purchased the eyeshadow palette, two ultra matte lips and two ultra glossy lips. Keep reading to view more photos and swatches.

My Little Pony Shadow Palette ($16 USD) 
The eyeshadow palette features twelve shades in various finishes, in cardboard packaging. In this palette you get mattes, shimmers and duochrome finishes. A nice variety in my opinion. I did a quick swatch test on my arm to test out the opaqueness and application. For the most part, they all swatched pretty smoothly. Shades like "Firefly" and Blossom had to be passed a couple of times in order for them to show up. i think this is due to the formula, I think it will show up much better if I were to pat it on which I will do for a look I am planning to do. I really like that this palette is nice and compact which makes it nice for traveling. All the shade names are listed on the back of the palette which helps with the space-saving. I cannot wait to do a look with "Firefly", it is such a pretty ice blue! 

Coourpop My Little Pony Shadow Palette(shades from r to l): Twilight, Firefly, Snuzzle, Princess Sparkle, Flutterbye, Minty, Skydancer, Applejack, Bluebell, Starshine, Blossom, Butterscotch

My Little Pony Ultra Matte and Glossy Lips ($6.00)

I only ended up getting four lip products. I got the Ultra Glossy Lip in "Flutter Valley" and Ponyland" and the Ultra Matte Lip in "Pin Wheel" and "Lemon Drop". First of all, I love the shade names for the entire collection. Second of all, I want to legally change my name to Skydancer. 

Anyway, all the lippies were pretty pigmented. You get a lot of color payoff in one coat. I like "Flutter Valley" as a lip topper to put over another color. I wasn't a fan on how it looked on me on its own. I can't wait to add the matte lippies to my current rotation of lip colors. "Ponyland" is a pretty dope color. It's a lavender with a lot of gold flecks in it. I would wear it to jazz things up.

My Little Pony lippies (shades from top to bottom): Pin Wheel, Lemon Drop, Ponyland, Flutter Valley

My Little Pony Ultra Glossy Lip "Flutter Valley"

My Little Pony Ultra Glossy Lip "Ponyland"

My Little Pony Ultra Matte Lip "Lemon Drop"

My Little Pony Ultra Matte Lip "Pin Wheel"

Overall, I find this collection to be pretty solid, especially for the price point. I'm pretty happy with the products I purchased. I like that Colourpop doesn't jack up the prices for special collections. And I also like that they still include little handwritten cards with your orders. Keep doing you, Colourpop :). You can shop the My Little Pony collection on the Colourpop Website.

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