DIY Feather Sandals

Aug 15, 2016

Feather heels have been spotted nearly everywhere-from high-end to fast fashion. I decided to make my own pair from a pair of pink, strappy heels that I own. I got these from GoJane. The feathers, I got from ebay. I typed in "marabou feather boa" in the search box and chose the color I felt would look nice on the sandals. I love how they came out. I feel like these shoes are super girly and fun and definitely eye-catching. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions on how to make them.

What You'll Need:
  • Pair of shoes of your choice ( is a good option for cheap, cute shoes)
  • Feather Boa (I used a Marabou feather boa)
  • E-600 Glue 
  • Scissors

Take the feather boa and measure it against the shoe to determine the length you need to cut. Using your scissors, cut a strip of feather boa.

Carefully apply glue where you will be placing the feather boa.

Place the strip of feather boa over the glue, gently pressing down on it to secure it in place.

Repeat on the other shoe. Afterward, I took my scissors and trimmed down the feathers a bit because I just felt that they were a little too long. This step is completely optional though.

I wore these shoes for a night out while I was visiting Chicago and got a ton of compliments. They really brightened up my outfit and were surprisingly comfortable. I feel that I can even carry these over to the fall as well.

Tee: Hanes
Pants: Forever21


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