Vegas Nay x Eylure Lashes Review

Jun 9, 2015

Vegas Nay Lashes by Eyelure in "Grand Glamor" and "Shining Star"

Vegas Nay was one of the first MUAs that I started following on Instagram. She's incredibly talented and I just love hearing here talk in her videos. Her voice is really similar to Ruby from "Max and Ruby". So sweet and soothing. Anyway, I was very interested in these lashes after I saw them in Target. The style is very different from what you would see at the drugstore. These are super glam and dramatic. She had another pair that were meant for more natural looks, but I did not get those.

I got the styles "Grand Glamor" and "Shining Star". I'll admit that I was nervous about trying the style "Grand Glamour" because I have small eyes and are easily overwhelmed by thick lashes. But, I decided to go ahead and chance it. The lashes are also packaged with a little instruction booklet. While it was well-meaning, I didn't find it necessary to be there. It made the packaging a little more bulky than necessary. It took up quite a bit of room in my lash drawer. I didn't have any room in my lash holder, so I had to keep them in their boxes.

The lashes come packaged with it's own little tube of glue, which is nice. The glue comes with a little applicator, which comes in handy. It is not hygienic if you work with clients though. I was not a big fan of the glue because it took very long for it to get tacky. The instructions said to wait thirty seconds but it took a lot longer for me. Once I placed the lashes, they did not feel secure to me. I ended up switiching out for my DUO lash glue.

Vegas Nay Lashes by Eyelure in "Grand Glamor" 
Vegas Nay Lashes by Eyelure in "Grand Glamor"
 Ladies with larger eyes will be very pleased with these lashes because both styles are VERY long. I had to cut quite a bit for my tiny eyes. "Grand Glamour" comes with a thicker band since they are more full but they are pretty easy to work with. I had to bend them a bit to adjust to my eye shape. This is something that is common with lashes with a thicker band. "Grand Glamour" does not feel heavy on the eye once they are on. I was very pleased with how comfortable and lightweight they felt. I did have to trim a bit from the inner corner to suit my taste. Overall, I was very impressed with this style because they look and feel high-end.

Vegas Nay Lashes by Eyelure in "Grand Glamor"
Vegas Nay Lashes by Eyelure in "Shining Star"

I'm not a big fan of the style "Shining Star". I did expect to like this style more than "Grand Glamour though since it is the "safer" style. The band is a lot thinner on this style and they were easier to apply. I just don't feel that the style flatters my eye shape particularly well, so it's a matter of personal opinion. I will try them with a different style of makeup to see if I can make them work for me. 

These lashes are also suprisingly affordable at about $7.00 USD. I feel like it's worth it, especially for the "Grand Glamour" style. They look like high-end brands I've seen on Instagram but at almost half the price. They are also very easy to clean. The glue came off super easily. They are also reusable, which gives you more bang for your buck.

PROS: affordable, reusable, cruelty-free, high-end feel
CONS: bulky packaging, glue included not very good
OVERALL: 4/5 for "Grand Glamour", 3/5 for "Shining Star"

You can purchase these lashes at your local Target, the Target website or


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