Maybelline Dewy And Smooth Foundation Review

Jun 2, 2015

I have been wanting a foundation that would give my skin a dewy look for a while. I decided to try the Maybelline FitMe Dewy and Smooth foundation when Rite Aid was having a BOGO sale. 

I have normal skin except for my t-zone, which has a tendency to be oily. Especially during warmer weather. So, I already knew that wearing this foundation without a primer was out of the question. I used my Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, a silicone-based primer.

This foundation does not work for me AT ALL. It sat really heavily on my face and it felt like it was sliding off my face. Even in the non-oily areas of my face. And this was with a primer too! The whole time I wore it, I can feel its presence on my face. It didn't really have any of the weightless quality at all. I was disappointed because it did match my skin tone well, which is very rare for Maybelline face products.

The consistency is also very liquid-y. I ended up wasting product every time I used it because a lot more product poured out than intended. I feel that a pump should be added for this formula. Take a page out of Black Opal's book, Maybelline ;-).

As for it's lasting power, I had a chance to wear it out twice for a little over four hours. I did see some creasing below my under-eye. It didn't last very long since we weren't compatible.

Maybelline Dewy & Smooth Foundation in shade "Soft Honey"

Maybe gals with dry skin will benefit more from this formula. Didn't do much for my "Normal Skin".

PROS: affordable, wide availability, decent shade range
CONS: runny consistency, very oily on face, not for combination skin, slippery feeling
OVERALL: 2.5/5

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