OCC Plastic Passion Haul and Swatches

May 14, 2014

OCC Cosmetic Colour Pencil in "Hoochie", OCC Matte Lip Tars in "
Am I down with OCC? Yeah you know me! I'm already a huge fan of the original OCC lip tars so when I found out about these new matte shades, I beelined to the nearest Sephora (which happens to be five minutes away from my job). These shades are part of the Plastic Passion Collection. I also purchased a pencil in the shade "Hoochie" (which is my favorite shade in the original lip tar collection). The pencils were advertised as being able to be used on the face and body but "Hoochie" was not reccomended for the immediate eye area. Shucks, because it really would've looked great as an eyeliner. Especially for us brown-eyed gals. Oh well, on to the swatches!

"Hoochie" Colour Pencil, Matte lip tars in "Kimber" and "Rollergirl"

I am in love with these shades! They apply with a little bit of a sheen and dry matte. You do need to apply a bit more product with these formulas though. Not something that's a big issue however. These also wear nicely on the lips, they are not super drying which is usually and issue with matte shades. I am very pleased with the formula. I still recommend, prepping and priming your lips to get the best results :). These lip tars are priced at $18 USD.
Hoochie Colour pencil (top) and lip tar (bottom)

The pencil and lip tar are pretty similar in color, except that the pencil is matte. I am looking forward to using it as a base to make up color combinations. I liked the formula, very creamy and easy to apply. The pencils are priced at $16 USD, fairly decent price. Similar to MAC's price.

All OCC products can be purchased at Sephora stores or online or on OCC's website.

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