Maybelline Fall 2013 Swatches & Review

Sep 14, 2013

from left to right: Violet Intrigue, Lavender Voltage and Midnight Plum
swatches: Violet Intrigue, Lavender Voltage, Midnight Plum

Violet Intrigue

Lavender Voltage

Midnight Plum

Thoughts: I was excited when I saw this display because of all the purple. Purple is my favorite color, in case you haven't noticed. I liked the pigmentation and colors of the three shades I got. My favorite out of all three is "Lavender Voltage". I like that the purple is blue-based, when most purples are pink or red based. The color is quite flattering and it would look really good on us gals with deeper skin tones.

Color Sensational Lip Gloss "Royal Purple"

I am IN LOVE with this lip gloss. It is such a pretty, deep purple. I like that the purple is blue-based, which is not that common in drugstore lip products. Most purples I own that I bought from drugstores are pink-based. When layered over Lavender Voltage, it deepens the color and it's quite gorgeous. I officially have a new statement lip color for Fall.

 Lavender Voltage + Royal Purple

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  1. OMG!!! This collection is so pretty. I love purples that Is why I wanna try out the lippies especially the midnight plum.


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