4th Of July Nail Art Ideas

Jul 2, 2012

Here's some designs that I created for Independence Day if you need some inspiration. Below the pictures are the names of some nail colors I reccomend as well as some tips on achieving the looks. Enjoy!

From left:
1. I painted the whole nail white and using dotting tools, I made blue and red dots varying in size. If you don't own dotting tools, you can use a toothpick. Just make some practice dots on a piece of paper beforehand.

2. I painted the whole nail red and then with a piece of tape, I covered one half of the nail diagnally and painted the other side blue. I drew stripes and using a nail stamper for the stars.

3. I painted the whole nail blue and used a nail rhinestone in the center and drew drew curved lines to make it look like fireworks. Then I used a nail polish with silver flecks as a top coat.

4. I painted the nail white and drew red and blue lines similar to those for a French manicure.

Reccomended Shades:
N.Y.C "Candy Apple Red"
Loreal "Jetset to Paris"
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "White On"
Milani Jewel FX "Silver"

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