Repeat Offender (Thanksgiving OOTD)

Nov 24, 2011

So remember how I said I would re-do some outfits for you guys and show you different ways to wear them? I decided to do it for Thanksgiving with an outfit I wore back in Spring. The first time I wore this outfit was on Mother's Day, I even did an OOTD video on it. 

So here is the first time I wore the outfit, May 2011..

And this is how I wore it today for Thanksgiving..

Forever 21 polka dot top
Forever 21 pink shorts
Joyce Leslie over-the-knee socks
Rouge booties

To make the outfit more appropiate for Fall, I added some over the knee socks and black wedged ankle boots. It is very possible to wear shorts in the Fall, most of them look great with tights under them. Just be sure that the material is not too thin. So you don't have to put away your shorts when the weather gets colder ladies, there's still some use for them!

You can view the OOTD for the original outfit here:

Stay tuned for more repeat outfits. Also, if there are any past OOTD you have liked that I did, let me know by email ( and I'll do a repeat outfit.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I actually like the Thanksgiving version of the outfit more. It's cool how a few changes can make all the difference!

  2. Great post. I love how you wore it the second time!


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