MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer Review

Jul 19, 2011

MAC Select Cover-Up in NW35
I was running low on my beloved MAC Select Moisture Cover concealer so I went to the MAC counter in Macy's to purchase a new tube but when I got there I decided to try a new formula। So I decided to try the Select Cover-Up and I ended up really liking it। One thing I like is that it comes in a tube, so you have product control and it's more hygienic than the doe foot applicator from the Select Moisture Cover formula. I like that it feels a lot lighter and it blends very nicely. It doesn't give really heavy coverage but that's not an issue for me. My main use of concealer is for my under eye circles and I liked that it did the job without creasing. It's been pretty hot out here so the fact that it remains intact in heat (after setting with powder) is mighty impressive.

In this photo, I'm wearing the concealer with just tinted moisturizer as a base, it looks really natural and light

To Sum It All Up:

Pros: feels lightweight, blends nicely, convenient packaging, doesn't crease or look "cakey"
Cons: not ideal for those seeking heavy coverage

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  1. I like this concealer as well but haven't been reaching for it as much lately. I'm trying out Benefits Boing and Macs Pro Longwear concealer. They are are both great I might start reaching for this a bit more when I want to brighten my under eyes seeing as of right now its 2 shades lighter than my skintone! Great review BTW, I agree with everything you said.


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