Mini Purse Haul + My Eyeko Twitter Prize

Feb 20, 2011

I did some shopping for Spring and this is the first of many hauls that I'll be doing. I'll be doing a video on all my purchases once I'm done. This first post is on some purses that I purchased. I am also including some goodies I won from Eyeko on Twitter. they had a contest where you had to name your guilty celebrity crush and my answer was Gregory Peck. He was just so refined and handsome and I love him as Atticus Finch in "To Kill A Mockingbird".

Here are the purses as I purchased as well as a necklace and brush holder..
orange purse- H&M
clutch with crystals- Kollares
small purse-F21
orange brush holder-F21

I got this clutch at this store that I love called Kollares. It is located in Uptown, Manhattan in 207 st. This is where I get my shoe fix at because they always have a nice selection. They also have really nice purses and I purchased this little clutch because all purses were 20% off. And I can never turn down a sale. I find this clutch to be quite unique and can't wait to accessorise with it during a night out.

The purpke ourse has a long strap so it's good for everyday use. I like colored bags because they add a pop of color since I wear neautral colors most of the time. I needed a brush holder so I got this one at Forever 21 and I think it's so cute!
And here is what I won from Eyeko..
liptastik glossy lip pen(shade name not enclosed), Magic Bronzer Brush in "Miami", and gold charm necklace

closeup of Magic Bronzer Brush

swatch of Liptastik pen (no flash)'s a red-orange color.

I havne't tried out my goodies yet but I can't wait to do so. I know the lip pen smells yummy because when I swatched it, I got a hint of the scent. And I think the necklace is so cute!


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