OOTD: Pink About It!

Oct 3, 2010

top-Joyce Leslie, skirt & clutch- H&M, pumps-Mixx shoes
hoop earrings and bow ring-F21

I was going to do a post on either a haul or an NOTD but I went out last night and I wanted to share what I wearing. And I haven't had a lot of fashion-related posts recently.

So last night I went out with my sister and her friend. We went to a place called Leather Lounge. I had a good time, I danced practically all night lol. Usually, I tend not to be approached when I go out to clubs because i always looks super talls with my heels. There were a lot of tall guys there, good for me!

I wore a loose crop top which I paired with a basic black stretchy skirt. I accessorized with pink suede pumps, silver hoop earrings and a little two-finger bow ring that I have. I was excited to try out wearing hoops, because I usually wear studs. I know, I'm a total dweeb for getting excited about wearing hoop earrings. I feel like this outfit was sexy yet tasteful. Even though it was a crop top, it was very loose and the skirt didn't have a low waist. You only got to see glimpses of my midriff which I think is sexy in a mysterious way. I'm a big fan of "leaving something to the imagination" rule.

I made the stupid choice of wearing a blazer, I was burning! I went to put it in coat check but there was a huge crowd there so I just hauled it around all night lol.

Makeup wise, I just did grey on my eye paired with lilac-y lips. I just kind of coordinated it with my outfit.

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