Style Spotlight: J.Lo

Jul 20, 2010

Jennifer Lopez is my favorite celebrity fashionista. She almsot never fails, the woman always looks good. She is a style icon. In the 21st century, there a few women that have better style. I love that she knows how to be sexy and classy. Men want to be with her and women want to be her.

Here are some of my favorite J.Lo looks:

the infamous Versace dress! Voted 5th most iconic dress of all time by The Daily Telegraph.

I love all the looks in the "Gonna Be Alright" video, especially the one inspired by "Taxi Driver"

J.Lo was one FIERCE preggo!


I can go on forever but for your sake I won't. The point is, love her or hate her; J.Lo has STYLE. I dare you to name a celebrity more stylish than she is! I'm not actually challenging anyone, I'm just emphasizing my point.

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