OOTD: Less is More

Jul 5, 2010

Looking at my OOTD posts, you can probably tell by now that my style is simple/minimalist. I like to wear solids most of the time and add a nice accessory or wear a statement shoe for a bit of an edge. Well in this one, I just did everything very simple. Black form-fitting black dress w/ a skinny belt and sandals. And yes, I find it okay to mix gold and silver if it's only a couple of things and the items aren't too close together (example: my silver ring and gold sandals in this outfit).

I wore this out on  Saturday night to go to Serendipity 3. Serendipity 3 is this awesome ice cream parlor located in the Upper East Side in NYC.  I've always wanted to go so I decided to go on a whim because I had nothing to do that night and Jeremy was spending the weekend with his dad. I ordered the "Forbidden-Broadway Sundae" and it was crazy-delicious! I only took one bad picture on my phone because i was so into eating it. So next time I go, I'll think to take a good pic before I pig out!

And I also wanted to share my new cell phone case..I got it a week ago and I love it! It's so shiny, blingy and an attention-getter lol.

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