Mask Monday: Fantasy Blue Glittering Peel-Off Mask

Jan 29, 2018

Korean Beauty is taking the beauty world by storm. While I do not partake in the 10 Step Skincare Routine (pretty close though!), I've become a big fan of Korean products. The packaging is super adorable and most products are pretty affordable.

I was at Urban Outfitters when I spotted the Fantasy mask. The glittery box immediately caught my eye. Glitter face masks are a huge trend right now. Even big brands like TooFaced and Glam Glow are hopping on the glitter bandwagon. I love sparkly s**t so I definitely wanted to give it a try. This mask was only $14, which didn't hurt my pockets too much. Besides it being glittery, the mask is a peel-off formula that promises to remove sebum and other impurities of the skin. I have been struggling with some acne for the past month or so and I have been making changes to my regimen to correct it. This mask sounded promising.

The mask comes with a silicone wand for application, which was pretty cool. It made applying the mask a lot easier since the formula was pretty thick. I applied the mask with the wand, in downward strokes. It's best to apply in one direction to make the peel-off process easier. I really liked the scent of this mask, it was nice and pleasant. The application process was fairly easy and mess-free.

Mask Instructions:
  • Cleanse and dry face.
  • Apply mask using applicator.
  • Relax for 20-30 minutes
  • Peel off mask.
I'm Blue!

I was expecting the mask to be a lot more glittery so I was disappointed when it was more of a pearl-effect. It did look pretty cool, still. The peel-off processing was only a tad uncomfortable. I had a little discomfort around the under-eye area. I started from the outer edges and peeled off towards the center. It came off in one go minus a few little flakes, which washed off easily with warm water. There was some slight redness but my face did feel a little softer and tighter. With regular use, I expect to see some overall improvement with my skin. 

The Fantasty Blue Glittering Peel-Off Mask is available at Urban Outfitters for $14.

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