How To Fix Shattered Makeup

Oct 14, 2015

There comes a time where a cherished item of makeup gets shattered and destroyed. It has happened to me several times. What I used to do is put it in a small jar and improvise. But then, I found out that you can actually fix broken makeup. And it's pretty darn easy. This only works for powder products but it is very effective nonetheless. The best part is that it does not alter the consistency of the product at all!

What You'll Need:

-Rubbing Alchohol (70% works best)
-Paper Towel
-Small tool with a flat edge (I got this at Inglot to mix pigments but anything that's small and flat works well)
-Your broken makeup. My victim is the Becca highlighter in "Champagne Pop". I love this highlighter but it is SO fragile. 

Step One:

I used my scalpel to break up the highlighter into smaller pieces. This makes it easier to mix once the rubbing Alchohol is added. 

Step Two:

Add a small amount of rubbing Alchohol (about half of a shot glass) and wait until some of it is absorbed. Then using the flat edge of the scalpel, I spread it around to make it nice and flat. Kind of like frosting a cake. The texture should be smooth. If it is a little crumbly, you can add more rubbing Alchohol. 

Step Three:

Let it sit out for about 15-20 minutes. Then place a paper towel over the product  and use something with a flat edge to gently press the powder even out the surface. I used the cap of my makeup remover. It also ended leaving a neat little design. 

Step Four:

Store it in a secure area for a couple of hours and you're good to go! You can use a paper towel to clean up the edges. Now, you can go back to using your product!

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