Halloween Look: Half-Skull Mask

Oct 26, 2015

I got a late start on Halloween post this year. My work schedule was pretty crazy plus my laptop died on me. I finally got a new one and made the switch to a Mac so wish me luck!

This is a cool look if you're not the dressing up type. I'm planning on doing this to take Jeremy trick-or-treating since he wants to dress up as the grim reaper. And you don't need to buy  a whole bunch of face paint, only the white base.

I used a white pencil to sketch out the mask and teeth then I colored it in with white face paint paint. I then traced the outlines and drew out the nose using a black eye pencil . I used "Deep Damson" by MAC for shading between the teeth and for contouring my face for a hollow appearance.

I did a smoked out liner on my eyes and I wanted a glam look so I put on my "Goddess" lashes by Koko Lashes. Fierce and glam! I'll probably buy some rhinestones to add them to this look on Halloween to really take it to another level.


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