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May 17, 2015

 Funny story about this "dress". I bought it in H&M seeing it on a mannequin. I thought it was one of those dresses that you can wear as a shirt as well since there was a coordinating pant next to the rack. I buy it and it's in my closet until I decided to wear it. Turns out it was a shirt, the side slits were pretty high, revealing a lot. So what's a girl to do???

I got some safety pins and pinned the sides to make it wearable as a dress. I plan to wear it again as a shirt, so I didn't want to sew the slits. The safety pins were a great and temporary solution.

I was out at Pier 66 at the Frying Pan. Took Jerm, who was very excited to get on a boat. My sister also came along, and she took these pictures.

shirt- H&M ( click HERE to buy)
bag- H&M (click HERE to buy)
shoes- J. Crew (similar style HERE)
sunnies- thrifted

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