P&G Orgullosa Living Fabulosa Event

Apr 9, 2015

Two weeks ago, I attended the Living Fabulosa event hosted by P&G Orgullosa. It was an event celebrating the "Nueva Latina". It featured a discussion panel with prominent Latinas such as Nina Terrero, Gina Rodriguez, Angie Martinez and Lilliana Vasquez.

Aside from the panel there were fun little extras such as makeover stations. It was incredible to be surrounded by strong, and independent Latina women that are all trying to make a name for themselves. It was truly inspiring. And it was amazing to hear that so many people shared my thoughts and even doubts about living as a Latina. Especially as a "Nueva Latina" that is caught between her Americanized culture and Latina roots.

The hosts at the panel were incredibly entertaining. We laughed, and cried (literally) as they all shared personal experiences. Gina Rodriguez, Nina Tererro, Lilliana Vasquez and Angie Martinez all had incredible chemistry with each other. I felt as I had known them for years while I was watching from the audience. The panel featured guest appearances from actresses Selenis Leyva, Diane Guerreo as well as fitness guru Janet Jones. Janet Jones even performed one of her 'vixen workout" routines!

Newcomer Raquel Sofia performed two of her songs from us. Her songs were incredible, I enjoyed them immensely.

Check out below for photos and a video that features highlights from the event! 

candid moment between radio host Angie Martinez and actresses Selenis Leyva and Diane Guerrero
actresses Diane Guererro and Gina Rodriguez
style expert Lilliana Vasquez
Entertainment Weekly correspondent Nina Tererro
Janet Jones, founder of the "Vixen Workout"
singer Raquel Sophia

Orange is The New Black star Selenis Leyva

from left: Gina Rodriguez, Nina Tererro, Angie Martinez & Lilliana Vasquez

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