Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick Review and Swatches

Jan 19, 2015

Oh Instagram! Why must you entice me with all these indie brands? And give me more reasons to spend my hard-earned pennies?

If you are big on following beauty gurus or brands on Instagram, you most likely have heard of Dose of Colors. I have reviewed their lipgloss before and have loved them. This time around, I have purchased their liquid lipstick. Liquid Matte Lipsticks are a trend that have been popping up all over with beauty brands. The dry-to-matte formula has grown very popular. I have tried formulas by Kat Von D and have fallen in love. So I will admit in being obsessed with liquid matte lipsticks.

I bought "Purple Rain" and "Kiss of Fire" first, then followed up with "Berry Me" and "Pinky Promise". All of the shades except for "Berry Me", I purchased at Ricky's. There is a great advantage to shopping in person since you can swatch everything and get to see how the colors look in person. I was not disappointed because they look just as beautiful in person as they do online.

I feel that the shades were pretty consistent regarding formula and how long they were (excluding Purple Rain). They all applied like a lipstick and dried to a matte finish. They last about 4-6 hours before starting to wear out, mostly in the middle of my lips. These formulas do transfer, I saw some of the color on straws and my hand.

One thing that was weird, is a grainy texture that I  can feel when applying the lipstick. It goes away once it dries though.

Breakdown of The Colors:

Pinky Promise: This is a very bright, clean pink. Out of all the shades, this is the one that is the most long lasting. It wears out to a stain that actually looks quite nice.

Berry Me:  A lovely, berry-plum color.I absolutely love this shade. I guess a lot of people agreed with me because this shade was sold out for so long. Both online and in stores. I was able to get it once it was available online again. It is a lovely shade and it looks great for the Fall and Winter. I just love how it complements warm-toned eye looks. BTW I wrote "Berry Amour" on the picture by mistake. Got the shade mixed with a blush I own, don't judge me.

Purple Rain: This is just straight-up purple! This shade is fairly unique as it's rare to find a true purple lipstick. Out of all the colors, this one had a little separation with the color. If you look closely at the first picture, you can be able to notice it. This shade also lasted the least out of all, about 4 hours.

Kiss of Fire: This is a red with a hint of orange. It reminds me a bit of Lady Danger by MAC. The super-matte formula just makes it more awesome.This looks really nice paired with "Brick" lip liner by MAC. I will post it soon so you can be awed as well ;-).

You can shop for Dose of Colors on their website , Ricky's stores and


  1. ohhh pretty colors! I like the pigment and matte, I've never heard of them but will check them out on instagram.



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